In an environment of evolving Financial Services Regulations and key country & regional Financial Services Negotiations (Brexit), Policymakers have a valuable resource: Global FINREG Advisors.

About Global FINREG Advisors

Global FINREG Advisors (GFA) provides consulting services to National, Regional & Local Regulatory Bodies and Global International Organisations on financial services regulations and E-COMMERCE issues covering 70+ jurisdictions worldwide.  GFA is the dedicated consulting arm of Global Sales Compliance Ltd.® (GSC). GSC is the financial service industry’s leading expert on cross-border marketing regulations across 70+ countries worldwide.

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Our Network

Our Network

GFA works with a network of established legal Counsels in 70+ jurisdictions worldwide. This legal Counsel network is critical to the advisory services GFA provides its Clients. 

Our Founder

With over 2 decades of experience in 70+ country regulations and E-COMMERCE laws and  bespoke regulatory and compliance advisory to AIFM/Asset Management/Financial Institution clients of Global Sales Compliance Ltd.®, our CEO Cathy Brand specialises in advising Regulators and Global International Organisations in the following key areas:

Regulatory Bodies

  • High impact Regulation for the Financial Services Industry
  • Regulation Gap Analysis & Remedy
  • Ensuring effective Regulation resulting in a “Level Playing Field”
  • Improving Financial Services Market Compliance Standards
  • Feedback loop: Best (and Worst) Market Practices
  • Jurisdictional “Equivalence” expertise

Global International Organisations:

  • Resource for Global Policy-Making in Financial Services (Trade)
  • Resource for Global Policy-Making in E-COMMERCE regulatory & legal issues  


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